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Do I Need to Do a Home Inspection Before I Put My Home on the Market?

Are you planning on selling your home? Before you proceed on putting your home on the market, there are some things that need to first consider. Doing a home inspection is one of your responsibilities. The main purpose of a home pre-inspection is to find the issues at home. When you pay attention to resolving these issues, your house has a perfect place in the market. If you will ask if a home inspection is needed before putting the property on the market, the simple answer is yes.

The Main Purpose of Home Inspection

If you want your house to be sold in the market, you need to learn to be proactive. You can do this by doing a home inspection. By means of this, the inspector can let you know about the trouble areas in the property. These are often a hindrance for potential buyers. Prepare everything and fix all things that need to be fixed.  

What You Need to Know                                        

In the point of view of buyers, they often pay for formal home inspection. They decide to pay for a home inspection to know the potential problems that may be encountered when living in the property. The inspection is also important because it influences their buying decision. It is due to this aspect that can make or break a deal. Most individuals opt to put their homes on the market after undergoing a home inspection.

Are there any Benefits to get from a Home Inspection?

There are benefits to get from home inspection. The latter ensures a successful negotiation. Many sellers may not like this idea. With these benefits, they change their decision and opt for home inspection.

Why would you be willing to spend your money for home inspection? There is a simple answer to this. The simple answer is to avoid a huge headache and save a lot of money. Here are the other benefits to get from a home inspection.

ü  Gives Reassurance to Prospective Buyers

There is still no assurance on what buyers may encounter after going to the open house and looking at the house. There is still a possibility of finding faulty wiring behind faux-finished walls or other issues like termites. Termites may be present in some areas of the house. When pre-inspection is done, the possibility of encountering surprises is lessened. Buyers should not set aside making a follow-up inspection. The one that is already contacted by the seller can make him or comfortable in placing the bid.   

ü  A Pre-Inspection Shows that Your Property is an Open Book

More than anything else, conducting a pre-inspection is considered to be a good suggestion. It only shows your willingness in doing more of what is expected. This also makes you different from other sellers.

Showing that your residential property is an open book indicates that you are being true about it. Basically, this is a benefit for both parties. It gives buyers the confidence and the peace of mind. Sellers also increase their chance of getting a higher bid.

ü  It Lets You Use your Time Effectively

Even homes that are newly and completely renovated may have their other serious issues. These are known when an inspection is made. Once issues are found, they should be settled immediately. Unfortunately, you are only left with a few days in taking the necessary steps. You are faced with the option of doing the repair or adjusting the sale price. Of course, the solution should secure the satisfaction of the buyer. 

The end result is that you may not be satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation. This is when you choose to get the inspection done afterwards. But, you can avoid all these issues. You still have enough time to take care of these things to ensure your satisfaction. This is also possible if the inspection is done even before putting it on the market.

ü  Lets You Know Where You Stand

The final selling is already determined even before an inspector enters your home. For a seller, this can leave him with a lot of thoughts. This is also when you are forced to change the final price that you already presented. But, the inspection must be done prior to selling the home to eliminate the issues. This also gives you an idea on how a prospective buyer will negotiate with you.  Also, this helps you to set the price accordingly.

ü  Eliminates Repeated Repairs

You must remember that a misdiagnosed problem will always occur. Misdiagnosed problems that lead to repeated repairs are common issues at home. These are often encountered by sellers in dealing things on their own.  

For instance, you noticed that your toilet is not flushing right. Thus, you have decided on contacting a plumber in doing the repair. But then, you found out that the real problem is in the septic system during the inspection.

For a seller preparing to get their home on the market, this can be a big frustration since it means more expenses. With a pre-inspection, the inspector will not only point out the problem. He will also recommend the right solution that effectively eliminates possible repairs.

ü  Helps in Highlighting the Assets of Property Effectively

There are several things that can influence a buyer’s purchasing decision and one of them is the property’s assets. Performing the home inspection beforehand can highlight your property’s selling points leading to increasing your chance to close a deal right at that time!

Feel Better and Enjoy More Peaceful Nights by Having your Home Inspected!  

You want your home to be in its best condition when you put it on the market and when prospective buyers come to see it. The only way that you can be assured is when your home undergoes a pre-inspection. Of course, you don’t want buyers to take advantage of you as well. Thus, it is best to hire an inspector before you start the process of selling your house!  Don’t hesitate because this will only do you good!

How to Get the Most Value When Selling Your Home?

Are you planning to sell your home? Well, there are several factors that can trigger a person to sell his or her house. Some people tend to sell their houses because of several reasons. So, if you are planning to sell your home, it is important that you consider different factors so that you can effectively sell your house in your desired and suitable price.

Staging your house is one of most proven effective ways to sell your house as fast as possible. However, it is essential that you determine first the worth of your house so that you’ll know the amount of your home for sale. As a home seller, you want to sell your house in your desired price. However, it is important that give suitable and fair price so that you can attract more possible buyers.

Ask yourself about the value and worth of your home because it is an important thing to consider when picking the most appropriate price when selling your home. Pricing your home for sale is an important thing to consider when selling your home. Things to consider when determining the price and worth of your home for sale are listed below:

  1. Be realistic- If you want to sell your house quickly then it is important that you are realistic when it comes on determining the price of your home. You need to realistic when it comes on determining the worth of your home.
  2. Ask for professional’s home selling advice- There’s no harm in asking questions. You can actually interview professional real estate agents so that you’ll get effective tips and techniques about picking the appropriate and hones price for your home. Asking for professional pricing advice is indeed a great way so that you can get ideas about the appropriate and suitable price for your home. Get quotes from different real estate agents and you can compare these quotes and look for comparable properties so that you’ll know suitable price to offer.
  3. Determining the home ration- It is a good idea to determine the assessed value of your home and compare it to the value of your neighborhood. To get home selling ratio, collect information about home selling details within your area.
  4. Assess the values of sold homes near in your area- Collect and ask for the prices of sold houses in your area and put them together and divide the number of homes. The average price of sold homes in your area will give you ideas on the average value of your home. In order to determine the worth and value of your home, you must divide the average selling price by the average assessed worth or value of your house. To get the ratio of assessed value to the selling price of sold houses in your community or area, you just need to get the average sold price of all sold homes and divided it by the assessed value.
  5. You need to accurately predict assess the value of your houses based from the actual prices of sold homes by means of using a certain formula. Keep in mind that assessed value is always accurate then the appraised value, price per square foot and insurance value.


Ability to determine the worth and value of your home for sale is an important factor so that you can efficiently give suitable and honest price for your home. When it comes on selling a home, it is important that you are a realistic seller so that you can easily sell your home. Failure to provide realistic price is not a good selling strategy because it does not attract buyers to see your home for sale.

Aside from computing the value of your house on your own when planning to sell is great. However, there are other options to consider so that you can easily get the actual worth and value of your house so that you can efficiently get appropriate price to offer. It is essential that you get the most suitable price so that you can regain the investments that you invested or spend in your house. Other options to consider when selling your house are listed below:

  1. Get the most efficient real estate agent who can help you sell your house effectively and fast.  A real estate agent has excellent networks that can relatively help you get more possible home buyers. He or she will work on marketing your home for sale in order to attract more home buyers. It is important that you get a reliable real estate agent. It is great if you can get an efficient real estate agent that asks for low agent fee. You can also ask for recommendation or referral so that you can find best real estate agent near in your area. Make sure that the real estate agent that you will hire is licensed and a member of Real Estate associations in your area.
  2. Consider staging your house so that you can attract more home buyers. Staging refers to a home selling technique to improve the overall appearance of your home for sale. When staging your home for sale, it is essential that you emphasize all the good features of your home in order to persuade and attract buyers to buy your home.
  3. Consider posting an advertisement so that more people will know that you are selling your home. You can use other media platforms to inform more people that you sell your home. When advertising your home for sale, it is essential that you put all needed information so that interested buyers can easily contact you in case that they want to see and buy your home.

To know the worth and value of your home for sale is essential so that you’ll know the suitable and honest price of your home. Knowing the value of your home for sale will also enable you to negotiate with interested buyers about the appropriate price of your home. Try to have a win-win home selling negotiation with your home buyer.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell my Orlando Home


In selling home, there are other options that you can choose in order to close a quick deal. You can find useful ideas by means of attending an open house, reading real estate sections, or surfing the net. But, the most ideal way is to hire an expert real estate agent to help you ease the process. Hence, there are various benefits that an agent can give you. He or she can provide you an original asking price that you want.


Selling properties has been boosting the real estate market in the country in the past few years. Home owners decide to sell their homes for them to buy or to transfer to another area. In fact, there are many ways on how to sell your home quickly with higher value. You can do it better with the help of a professional real estate agent that possesses deep knowledge within your area.


The first thing that you need to consider is to make sure that your agent knows the real estate market in your local area. Apart from it, he or she should perfectly understand the trends and behaviors of potential buyers. This will help you in planning the best market value for your home. You can learn about the strategy that attracts the attention of potential buyers. It is also important to consider the current activity within your area when selling your home.


The following are the benefits that you can enjoy from choosing and using a real estate agent. You are assured of the successful sale of your home


ü  A real estate agent can help you find potential buyers quickly with experience and expertise in selling homes within your local area.

ü  Provides you with an expert opinion regarding on the worth of your home

ü  Your chosen agent helps in negotiating the home price effectively.

ü  An agent can recommend you the amount that you are supposed to offer. Even the price that needs to be agreed on is also stated by an agent. Your agent will handle everything for you; thus, there is no need to experience a lot of headaches.  

ü  Most importantly, an agent will walk you through the entire process like making a contract and ensuring that you do not lose anything from closing costs.  

Over the years, agents typically work with home sellers. The higher the amount for sales, the bigger their commissions were. However, this is not always the case. You are bound to sign a contract that indicates the agency of a buyer. If you are not certain of agent type that you need, you only need to ask.


With or without the use of a real estate agent, the required selling papers are handled and signed by the title company. This is done to guarantee that the home is set for sale. And, there is no outstanding claim against the property to be sold. If you need additional protection, you may hire a lawyer to monitor all of the paperworks.


When you look for an agent, it is essential to find someone who has the edge over other agents in your local area. In theory, realtors and brokers may possess better skills than other regular real estate agents. But, it actually depends on the specific agent being considered. To help you get the best one, pay attention on the positive reviews.


Your agent can efficiently answer relevant questions regarding the current trend in the real estate market. He can also understand the interest rates and other home selling issues. An agent can also recommend you to some specialists such as lawyers and home inspectors. An experienced and professional real estate agent or sales associate will guide you throughout the complex processes in home selling.


Are you still not certain in having the right decision? You also need to consider what an agent can do for you. Here are the useful things that an agent must consider:

  • Always check and protect your greatest interests.
  • Help you make higher profits on selling your home.
  • Evaluate the value of your home through a well prepared CMA report.
  • Provides excellent repair suggestions that boost the value of your property.
  • Get home buyers who are finding homes like you.
  • Market and sell your home on the real estate market or website quickly and effectively.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your potential buyers and schedule open houses.
  • Help in responding to home selling queries and direct you to useful sources.
  • An agent is an expert negotiator who submits counter offers immediately to potential buyers.
  • Assist you in understanding all paper works needed in selling your home.
  • Prepare all required contracts and forms for submission.
  • Guide you in understanding the title and closing process.
  • Coordinate and suggest home inspections that you might need.
  • Consider all aspects of the process in selling your home professionally and effectively. He or she handles it for your best interests.
  • Keeps you updated and informed about the closing process.
  • Represent you throughout the closing procedures.

With an agent, you don’t have to know and understand everything regarding the selling process of your property. When you employ people who know more than you do, it only proves that you are smarter than they do. The thing is that you need to find and choose the best person.

Agents cost almost the same. Thus, you should be attentive in hiring the best agent. Look for the best agent who has gained reputation in the real estate industry. Make an effort in hiring the one that has gained education and experience.

Hiring a professional agent will give you the best time of your life while having the intimate knowledge. You are one of those who are looking for more precious time in your life. Hiring pros gives you the time to attend to other things.  Above all, an agent can determine comparable sales for you. He or she can help you in pointing out the right direction and finding relevant data such as demographics.